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EFCU - Crestview Branch
Crestview, FL

Telephone Numbers and Contact Information
(850) 862-0111 Main Switchboard
(850) 682-6688 Crestview Residents
(800) 367-6159 Nationwide
(850) 863-3517 STAR TELLER Direct Line (Local)
STAR TELLER Direct Line (Local)

Operating Agency:
Person in charge:
Hours of operation: 0900-1700 (M-F) Drive-up window 0900-1700 (M-Th) 1800 (Fri)
About the program: The Eglin Federal Credit Union Provides the following accounts: Regular Share/Savings, Money Market, Share Checking, IRAs, Certificates of Deposit, Christmas Club, VIP (Very Important Purpose), and Florida Uniform Transfers to Minors. The Credit Union also makes low-cost consumer and real estate loans. Visit the Credit Union for loan types, terms, and rates available. The Credit Union also offers many services: ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), Star Teller Direct Line (24-hour touch-tone telephone access to your accounts), 24-hour Depository, Free Notary Service, American Express Money Orders and Travelers Cheques, PALs (Pre-Approved Loans), MasterCard, real estate loans, plus more. Bank Hours: Monday - Friday Hurlburt Field - 0830-1630 - Crestview - 0900-1700 Eglin AFB - 0830-1630 - Mary Esther - 0900-1700 Fort Walton Beach - 0900-1700 Drive-up Windows Hurlburt Field - 0830-1700 - Crestview - 0900-1700 Eglin AFB - 0830-1700 - Fort Walton Beach - 0900-1700 With the following exception: Fort Walton Beach open Fridays until 1900 Crestview open Fridays until 1800 ATM Information: ATM NETWORKS ATM LOCATIONS STAR TELLER (local) Hurlburt Field Branch Armed Forces Financial Hurlburt Commissary Network(AFFN) Mary Esther Loan Office HONOR (Near Santa Rosa Mall) The Exchange Mary Esther Boulevard at Jonquil Ave American Express For Walton Beach Branch Cirrus Destin, Next to El Chico's Restaurant Eglin AFB Branch Inside the Eglin Memorial BX Next to Niceville High School Crestview Branch Duke Field