Payroll and Benefits Accounting
School District of Escambia County
Linda Lewis, Director
75 North Pace Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32505




Pay Stub Information
Instructional, Administrative & Professional Payroll
  Judy Adams Payroll Specialist 469-6143

Email Judy Adams

    Melissa Williams

Payroll Specialist


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Educational Support Payroll

W-2 / IRS

  Mary Wiggins Payroll Specialist 469-6198

Email Mary Wiggins


Christine Hunter

Payroll Specialist


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Lisa Leitermann

Payroll Specialist 469-6276

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dotCompensatory Time
dotCollective Bargaining Agreements
Payroll Accounting
Skyward Pay Matrix  

Patti Edwards

Lead Payroll Specialist


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dotFlorida Retirement System
Benefits Accounting
  Guy Mullendore Financial Analyst 429-2927

Email Guy Mullendore

    Pam Wilson Financial Analyst 469-6319 Email Pam Wilson
Leave Processing    
    Kyle Rice 430-7681 Email Kyle Rice




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