In 1968, the first environmental center to be later named in honor of Roy Hyatt opened to students and community in Escambia County, FL.  In 1980, land at the present site on Tobias Road was acquired from the federal government. The main building houses a biology lab room, a museum featuring topics of environmental interest, and office space.  Other buildings used in the current instructional program include a greenhouse and a gazebo.  The instructional program for the current year includes field trips for second- and fifth-grade students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist students in mastering science concepts and processes through the integration of science disciplines in studying the environment.  Our goal, from the Florida Environmental Education Act,  is that the students "come to know the natural world as a complex system that must be cared for."  As we carry out our mission and work toward the goal, we also further the strategic aims of the School District of Escambia County, FL, which are the following: (1) highest student achievement, (2) a safe learning and working environment, (3) a high performing work force, and (4) an efficient and effective system. Find out more about the school district at

Phone: (850) 937-2117

Address: 1300 Tobias Road, Cantonment, FL 32561